Do you know how to make your home a safer place?

Do you know how to make your home a safer place?

Protecting yourself, your family and your home is one of the main ways to find comfort in the space where you spend most of your day-to-day. After all, we all want to live in a home where we feel safe and secure from any unwanted visitors.

Throughout this article, we will give you some tips that, in our opinion, are very important to keep your home safe and worry-free! Keep an eye out for all these topics and get ready to live with confidence:


1- Keep the front of your house well lit.

Investing in good lighting, especially where you have exterior doors and garages, improves the visibility of your property. In addition, it gives the impression that there are people inside the house, which can scare burglars, who will not risk entering your home.

Likewise, ensuring lighting with presence sensors also protects your home at any time. So, remember: lighting is one of the most affordable methods to make your home safer.

2- Ensure a Video Surveillance System Without Monthly Fees

A thief studies your every move and looks for the perfect opportunity to break into your house. With a video surveillance system without monthly fees, you can find a range of advantages capable of making your home a safe place.

Thus, with deterrent signs and stickers on your property, the thief will know that your home is protected, preventing him from entering. Also, thanks to these systems you will be able to have complete control of your home at your disposal, including even viewing the darkest corners. That is, you can analyze any place in your residence, being able to register the presence of possible invasions.


3- Check all doors and windows before leaving home

Windows can be the main point of breach at the time of a theft. Pay attention to all window locks and, if possible, leave the blinds closed when you are not at home.

If you have sliding windows, a piece of wood can be more than enough to prevent the window from opening, offering, without a doubt, more security for your home.


4- Get an Electronic Gate

If you usually put your vehicle inside your garage, then opt for an automatic gate, where you can open it without having to get out of the car. Not only makes the access to your home more secure, but it also makes it difficult to reach your property, as it can only be opened with a remote.


5- Make it difficult to access information about yourself

With the evolution of social networks, thieves increasingly identify their targets before taking “action”. By sharing your holidays, your outings with friends, or even where you are at the moment, you may be letting them know that your house is empty.

Also, be friends with your neighbor and let him know when you travel. So, he can observe your house and be aware of any presence that is suspicious!

After these tips, remember how important it is to keep your home safe. Your possessions and all your memories are kept in your home. Consider hiring a security company such as Eduplo – Tecnologia e Segurança, and find out about the various options available on the market. Both an alarm and a video surveillance system are the ideal equipment that will safeguard your property from any theft.

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